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Debi Fisher


Christmas and the season

A reason to have fun

But sometimes it's not in the cards

Not for everyone

There may have been an illness

Or a loss or maybe two

And that is when the Lord

Tends to call on you

Now you can be the weak link

Or you can be so strong

But it is totally up to you

If you get along

I chose to be the strong link

For this year for me a loss

Someone dear and near to me

Used to call him boss

But God reached down from Heaven

Told me He needed me to see

So I squared back my shoulders

And asked what it was he'd need

He told me wipe my tears

And my shoulders did grow wide

He told me to help others

For He would right at my side


So this season while I'm sad

I'm still standing here

God has given me the strength

And for you I lend my ear



Written by Debi Fisher


Page Created : Pam Gallo

Wav/ Roma Downey/ Gold and Silver




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