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Sitting By The  Creek


Sitting By The  Creek

Greg Watkins


Saturday afternoon sittin by the creek 

the sunshine across the water, 

it's time to unwind. 

It's been a long week.

 I thank god for everything.

 I'm able to relax today  at my favorite place. 

 Maybe someday I will find the girl to share this place , 

that would be a dream come true.

Until that time,

I will chill .

Weekends go fast that's for sure.

That's ok .

I'm enjoying this time

 sittin by the creek.

I have my blanket for my spot, 

a basket with sandwiches and a bottle of wine,

 listing to the water,

and there's pine tree's all around.

I found this place many years ago.

Another Saturday afternoon 

sitting by the creek the birds are singing.

Singing to me.

Yes , I know 

it's almost time for me to go.

What a day sitting by the creek

 my favorite place,

 it's a treat.

Heading back home it's almost sunset, 

next thing I know.

 I'm laying in bed with some soft music

 as I rest,

 I close my eyes with a smile,

 remembering another day ,

 sitting by the creek .

By: Greg Watkins




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