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Feelings, Christian or Not

Carol Dee Meeks

I am supposed to be a
Christian, but why do I
feel this way?
There are things inside me,
Iím too embarrassed to say.

Many times I feel just
like a hypocrite, and I
donít like that feeling,
not a bit.

I hold a lot of anger inside.
I also have a lot of pride.

I donít understand it, but
I know itís there.
Please, Dear God, show me
You still care.

After all the things I
say and do,
I donít feel worthy to
come to you.

I donít have the peace
deep down inside
that weíre supposed to have
with you as our guide.

If Iíve not been saved,
please save me now.
Show me Lord.
Show me how, take over my down cast brow

and let me walk in your path,
grow each day;
so to heaven, I can feel, I can say,
Iím going there, Iím on my way.


© Carol Dee Meeks


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