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My Condolences



Circle Of Prayer

My Condolences

Debi Fisher

It is with heavy heart

I write today

To ask the world

To stop and pray

Madness creeps

Throughout our space

Putting sadness

On our face

Why does it happen

This I do not know

But with love in our heart

Our faith shall grow

So today I start

This circle of prayer

Keep it going

If you dare

No harm to you

Should you deny

But let us unite

Give it a try

For nothing stronger

Than the faith in your heart

Send this prayer world wide

It is I who will start

Remember it is healing

To show you care

Keep this going

If you dare



Written by Debi Fisher



Virginia Tech Shootings

April 16, 2007

A gunman Monday massacred 32 people 

on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.

 It is the deadliest shooting rampage

 in modern US history.

The Gunman 

was a 23 year old Asian.

Cho Seung -Hui

Native South Korean Student

 ( Under Graduate English Major)

In  the U.S.

on a Resident Alien Visa.


After His murderous rampage,

he turned the gun on himself .

There will be a candle light vigil

at Virginia Tech tonight.


Sharing a guestbook someone started for the families, students and staff
at Virginia Tech....please leave your heartprints here...
Someone was kind enough to create a Guestbook for the families,
faculty and students at VPI, in Blacksburg, VA

Click On this Photo to be taken to a link where You can sign the guestbook





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