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They Tell Me It Will Be All Right






They Tell Me It Will Be All Right

Debby Sorensen Carlson



They tell me it will be all right
and for a moment, I am smiling

held by their belief and safety
until the door opens and I can feel

the cold waiting and his unsmiling eyes
blinding the future with hate.

They say I will learn to trust
again, I try to hold myself within

the shelter they've created,
but where do I go from here ?

It's so easy for others to believe,
without really understanding the depth

of terror that lives in each breath taken,
whether it be night or day.

No one can see unless they have seen
the eyes of one who has been

to hell and back and even then,
unless the door only swings one way,

There is always a way to come back in
if only in remembrance of the promises,

he made when she left.



(c) Debby Sorensen Carlson


Love does not measure; it just gives ....

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