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Golden Path



Golden Path

There is a Golden Path

That we walk on every day ...

And if We keep our eyes ahead

We Never Loose Our Way.

Moving  ever forward

Never to look behind...

At the Golden Beauty before us

High In Heavenly Skies.

The Beauty is abounding

The warmth it fills your soul...

The peace and the serenity

Slowly does unfold.

The journey seems unending

But lasts but a moment in time...

As you approach your heavenly home

Golden Archways so divine.

Each experience along your journey

Swirls about you in pristine light...

On the Golden Path to Heaven

An awesome, Glorious sight.

Take heed of the  Golden Path

That we walk on every day ...

And keep our eyes  ever straight ahead

So we Never Loose Our Way.


By Pam Gallo

copyright 2007







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