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 Patches Rose
You came as a surprise
Born weak and tiny
Grew to be the strongest and biggest
Tough using Brain rather than Braun
With just one look,
You could make time stand still
Or chase evil
You cleared our new home
Of all strays and squatters
You made Bunker Hill your own
Safe and secure for all
Such a gentle giant
Kittens could jump on and ride your back
Children could pull your ears and tail
No fear
You'd just lay there and soak in the love
When it was time, you and I knew
I gave you a weekend with "Dad"
Monday you looked at me
And it was time
I Love you and miss you so
Since Ivan died first
You passed the gauntlet to Skates
He's done well, you'd be proud
Sleep well, you did good
I feel you here with us, still teaching
Still watching and protecting
You will always be in my heart and soul
AND, YOU shall Always be
The King of the Hill
Spook, Forever Loved & Dearly Missed
Arrived: July 21, 1988
Moved on: 2004
Written June 14, 2006
Patches Rose
Special Note From the Author
Spook, aka Pooh Bear & King of the Hill, 
was born under my bed as a surprise.
 I rescued his mother and took her in. 
Richelle, named after Rickle's Home Center 
where I worked and rescued her from, 
never looked preg., 
but about 2 weeks later we went from 1 cat to 5.
The night her babies were born
we were throwing rolled socks at her
to shut up her crying.
Eventually we fell asleep.
She was in labor, but we didn't know;
she didn't even drop.
Next morning
we woke up to "mewwww mewwww"
under our bed.
We looked and then discovered
Why she was crying all night.
Four of the cutest little ones were there with her.
Spook was the runt and all black
with the exception of tiny white hairs
in groups of 3 all over his body.
Kind of like he had been Air Brushed here and there.

With loving care he grew to be 23 lbs.,
all muscle, and to the ripe age of 16.
He was such a loving cat
and a protector of all in his life.
Accepted all new strays
over the years as if they were his own.
Would put up with the "attack playing"
all kittens do, and teach them all the way things
were in our home.
You can see a little of him in all that crossed his path.
He was never violent, always loving,
but I wouldn't want to cross him.
 Even the BIG dogs in the neighborhood
 would back down when he gave his STARE.
Shoot we would even get up and move
if he wanted to be where we were.
Children could pull his ears and tail
and he didn't care.
When they pulled his tail
he would lay down
so they could play with him and cuddle him.
Pooh Bear, that be SPOOK.
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