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Souls Connect  The air has a strange thickness
Souls Connect
Loyce Hartley

The air has a strange thickness.
My mind is far away.
My emotions are all swelling.
Your soul is here today.

I feel a tightening in my heart.
My breaths are hard to catch.
My soul is so wide open.
You're presence has opened the latch.

What do you feel today?
What are you trying to say?
How do I respond to you?
How do I find the way?

I am so far away from you
Yet I feel you very near
This visit from you means so much.
So glad to have you here.

If you have to go I'll hurt.
But God's plan I can't reject.
I'll just have to wait and cherish.
The times that souls connect.

Loyce Hartley

May 10, 2005

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