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Remember the Day

Remember the Day

Joan Clifton Costner


Remember the day (Oh, mother, please)
When you poured the tea ~ I sat on your knees?
The little black teapot, so shiny and new,
Was the means of a memory I have with you.

We had little cakes and sugar and cream
That didnt come from the ice maker machine.
You set the table.  I sat the dolls.
We might as well been at a royal ball!

Remember the songs and the fleecy white clouds,
The green grass and flowers all around?
Remember the laughter, now turned to tears.
Time wont allow us to turn back the years.

If I had a great big old rocking chair,
Id say, "Come on honey, climb right up here."
Id rock and Id sing you a sweet lullaby
Until, like the dollies, you closed your eyes.



2005 by Joan Clifton Costner


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