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My Mother


My Motherís Prayers

 Joan Clifton Costner


I never sat alone in my pain

Waiting for help - waiting in vain --

For Mama was there with sweet soothing words

Wisdom to lend when I finally heard.

Oh, how I love the guidance she gave

Helping her child to be brave...


My Motherís prayers came from a loving heart,

My Motherís prayers help me to stand apart.

Choosing my way in careful deeds

I stood alone - but not in need -

For she was there with her Motherís prayer.


Each race I won - Mama was there,

Cheering me on - saying her prayer,

And when I fell, bleeding and bruised,

I could look up to that face I knew -

Shining with hope - telling me true,

ďIíll always be there for you.Ē


My Motherís prayers filled me with hope again,

My Motherís prayers made her my dearest friend,

And in my prayer I called her name

Again and again - I know the gain -

Iím only here because of Mamaís prayers.


My Motherís eyes let His love shine through -

Her deep desires were His wishes too ...

Sometimes at night when Iím all alone

I hear a voice - much like my own -

Saying a prayer, making a plea,

Just like my Mom did for me...


My Motherís prayers - hallowed forevermore -

My Motherís prayers - echo from Heavenís shore,

My Motherís prayers I hear again

And say them when my childís in need -

Loveís always there - in a Motherís prayer....

Loveís always there - in a Motherís prayer.


Joan Clifton Costner


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