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When She Got to Heaven

 My Lasting Remembrance

Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea)

Mom, I sit thinking of you
Oh, how I miss your touch and love
I know you are happy and made whole
And realize you are with Dad up above

I want to let go, but cannot
I want to get past this point of pain
Where the tears quit flowing
And life can begin to smile again.

I try to dwell on how happy you are now
With your family, and Dad around you near
And the smiles and laughter all around
This is what you both lived for - Heaven so dear.

I know you will both greet me as I enter in,
And we can hold each other once again
And can barely wait till the day
When through the gates I enter in.

I've had some hard days here and there
No one can fill the spot of Mom and Dad here
The guidance you showed, and love unconditional
Will be my lasting remembrance of when you were near.


Kentucky_Lady4 (Andrea)
August 27, 2006



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