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Look Into Your Heart  


Look Into Your Heart

Sharon AngelHeart


Look into your heart?

What do you see?

Can you see it inside

Like a face in mirror staring back at thee?

Love and patience and understanding

is a door to your heart

that is unlocked by the key

This key it does turn , knowing what's inside you and me

Choose not your chosen faith to judge another who's kind

Remember our freedom of belief is what gives reason to rhyme

Whatever country and people of color you are

We are all the same in this human race no one less or better by far

Be it this or that, what you chose to believe

their in good and bad in all cultures can't you see?

It's the person's heart that you look into

To get your answers on your life's questions and friends you choose

I do not care what clothes, words, or color of skin

I feel with my HEART and know just who to let in

Be it rich, or poor, or believer or not

they all are sisters and brothers, tying the knot

Fellow man putting out their hand

To help and show care and love

Tis answer to it all, for no matter what

We DO all Walk this earth and meet up above



By: Sharon AngelHeart

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