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The Little Things




The Little Things

Debby Sorensen Carlson


It's the little things I miss,
the way you laughed out loud,
never afraid to show your colors.

It was the way the tears fell
from your heart so true at others' burdens,
and the way your eyes glistened with love.

It was the fact that your kind of honesty
is rare, exceptionally warm in its renderings,
not a heart broken at its inception.

It's the little things I miss,
just the day in and day out musings,
of your now eternal shining light.


(c) Debby Sorensen Carlson



Written in memory and honor

 to a Mother who loved as Christ...

with a heart so open and warm 

only my reaching my own rest
will stop this ache. 

 I love you Mother.

 Ruth Elizabeth Sorensen
6/02/35 - 7/08/2006

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