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Happy Father


Happy Father's Day "Daddy"

Today I thought of You...

A lot like every other day

Except today I feel so blue..

I Thought of You This morning

I think of You Each day.

I think of you when the sun shines bright

I think of you when it rains.

I think of you when I'm happy

I think of you when I'm sad

I think of you when I'm lonely

I think I Miss You " Dad".


Another Fathers Day is coming

I brushed the away the last .

No matter that I step forward

I end up in the past.


Yes, I'm sure I miss You "Daddy"

I feel it deep inside.

An aching hurt deep inside my heart

For all these tears I still cry.

 Happy Fathers Day " Daddy"

Please look down on me.

Remember that I love You.

Through Eternity.


By: Pam Gallo

copyright 2007

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