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The End of the Day



The End of the Day

If You said You loved me

At the End of Every day...

Or let me know you thought of me

And words you did not say.

I guess I would not sit here

Wondering what to do...

To somehow make you more aware

Of these things that make me blue.

I wonder if you said :You missed me

As you ventured through your day...

Or if you said: I'm thinking of you

Every step along the way.

I wonder if you said  you needed me

Or how I make your life bright...

If I would be so sad now

As I begin to write.

If Only You would say the words

Each one of us needs to hear...

It would wipe away the loneliness

And dry each fallen tear.

Now maybe that I've told you

How I feel Inside...

Maybe You will Tell me

Your sorry that I've cried.

I guess as I sit here

Explaining why I'm blue...

I will take this moment

To say how much I love you.

Now that I've told you

How I feel Inside...

I know you will nevermore

Make me sit and cry.




By Pam Gallo / 2007





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