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A Forever Mother



A Forever Mother

Debi Fisher

I think as little girls

We are all born to be a Mother

The same as all the rest

Yet different from one another

We cuddle dolls and puppies

We fix boo boos and small aches

We have this built in nurse

And do whatever it takes

We all have our little quirks

But the love I remember best

Mom wasn't there all the time

But when she was it was filled with zest

She's take me to the beauty parlor

Her hair done , I'd get nails

Being with her , in her special place

Put the wind right into my sails

So now I'm grown and have kids

Two of my own grown and finding their way

I reflect back to the time

When I shared that same kind of day

Once a little girl

And now I am another

I'll never forget , and my memories I'll keep

Of my forever Mother


Written by Debi Fisher



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