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Zoie Chason


I reach out to grasp

All the fleeting moments

Of my past.

My life has taken many a turn.

 It will never be my time to live with out…

 Difficult times are closing in.

 I cannot breathe.

 One more line , just one more .

Take the final hit of the pipe sit it down, 

one more sip of beer washing

down the last of the pills.

You know 

when all the goodies 

are flowing in your veins? 


You feel  all warm and fuzzy;

 nothing matters.


You look forward to tomorrow 

but for me tomorrow ends...

They say with time the wounds will heal,

Yeah right...

  with the pain that I feel.

Nothing will ever be “like it was”.


With this I shut the door, 

my car is packed, 

my goodbyes are said .


All I want and need is inside of me.

Numb for I will and shall never

 have to feel pain again.

 This is so long my final farewell.

Live your life like there is no tomorrow 

for me tomorrow ends…



 Zoie Chason




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