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Time Of Year  

Time Of Year

Debi Fisher


Santa's making a list

And checking it twice

He says he's on a diet

Of chicken and rice


I asked him about

The cookies he likes

And then for my new

Shiny blue bike

He looked at me and said

With a twinkle in his eye

This year I'll be healthy

Need you ask why


Well as a small child

I started to cry

Told Santa I love him

And this is why

Santa, I said

I can sit on your lap

And when I want to be good

For Mom I take a nap


I cleaned my room

And feed my pet

'cause Santa you make  the best

Blue bike you can bet

Well Santa looked at his list

And said ok , a point you do make

Let's sit down

And have chocolate cake

So next time you see Santa

Tell him you love him just so

And then ask if for you

He will ho ho ho ho




Written by Debi Fisher



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