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You can't steal my thunder

You won't take my joy

You can't make me give up

Or ask what this is for

It's true some days I'm weary

It's true My heads a blur

Dazed, confused and tired

Yet I plug on once more

Smile when I'm insulted

Giggle when bossed around

Shrug my shoulders in disbelief

As words fly  all around

I think I need something to calm me

Before I loose control

Step back and take a deep breath

I know I'm getting old.

Took too long to get this thunder

Took too long to find this joy

So I just refuse to give up

Because I know what this is for

It's for those hearts with talent

Who reach out their hand to you

Sharing  their feelings for the world to see

Because that's what they do.

I cant let you steal their thunder

No matter what you say to me

I won't let them give up

On their very dreams.







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