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Debi Fisher

I had a dream the other night

Was playing in the snow

The sun

Was bright

Kids were sledding

And making snowmen

Some built igloos

And just then

From the corner of my eye

Did appear

Something so strange

Seemed quite queer

A big fat snowman

Was building his own

And this was a snow girl

And quite grown

He built her well

Gave her sticks for hair

And built her as

If he truly cared

Next an apron

Placed 'round her waist

And oh my goodness

You should have seen her face

He placed a bikini top

Near the top

Oh I wish this

Dream would stop

And just when I thought

Someone had spoke

I woke up

Oh what a joke

Ran to the window

And to my surprise

Was a snow girl

With coal black eyes

Did I dream this

Oh what a mess

Now only you

Can take a guess



Written by Debi Fisher


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