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Silent Scream




Silent Scream

If you listen carefully 

You will hear the 

"Silent Scream" deep inside of me 

Don't gaze at the smile upon my face 

There for all to see

Look into these eyes of mine 

The window to my soul 

And see the pain and loneliness there 

Silent screams of feeling so alone

And if you do not hear them 

Please look deeper into my heart 

Don't turn your head and walk away 

I'm dying inside......Please Stop

Reach out and take my trembling hand 

I'm a child lost... You see

Why cant you hear these "Silent Screams "

Deep inside of me

I know that if you heard them

And tears could start to flow

You would chase away the darkness

That lives within my soul

So as my eyes are gazing at you

Begging you to come inside

Listen with your tender heart

To the Silent Screams I hide

Please reach out and take my hand

I'm a child lost ..... You see

If only you could here them

You could set me free




By: Pam Gallo 

Copyright: 2000

Re Edited : 2006




Page Created : Pam Gallo

Midi : Welcome to My World








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