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Heart Scars


Heart Scars


My heart is like a battleground,
upon which many scars can be found.
If you could see inside,
you would know where pain resides.
I often wonder, can it be mended?
Maybe in time, the answers will be revealed,
and the scars can begin to heal. 

Wilted Flower



I feel like a wilted flower,
forever left in the shadows,
never seeing sunshine. 
My soul longs to be watered,
to be given a chance to bloom. 
I hope in time,
the sun will break through the shadows,
and I will begin my transformation 
into a beautiful flower 
that blooms forever


The Past Is The Present


People tell me all the time,
forget the past, live in the present.
but, what they do not understand,
is my past, is my present. 
How can that be you ask? 
Well, the demons from my past,
have followed me into my present. 
My hearts wish,
is that they will not find me
in the future. 


Trilogy By : Denise


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