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Debi Fisher

The kids were all excited

As Christmas Eve was near

Mom and Dad were trying

To keep thing in arrears

Sally left the cookies

On a plate of Tin

And Johnny left the milk

In a glass marked Tiny Tim

Soon tucked into bed

And sound asleep for sure

Mom and Dad just smiled

For they knew the cure

Then in the middle of the night

They all heard a thump

Made them get right out of bed

With a frightened jump

Running down the stairs

Almost tripped over their dog

Thought they lost from the fireplace

A burning coal or log

Dad ran outside 

With Mom and kids behind

Thinking that maybe

They had lost their mind

But when to their frightened eyes

 The funniest sight  did appear

A pair of red legs

Hanging from the chimney attached to a rear

The cookies were all gone

The milk glass was empty too

 They all knew from the looks

Down the chimney Santa  flew

He had forgotten one thing

Johnny asked for a fire truck

When Santa went to place there

Well he just got stuck

So Dad just got the ladder

And unstuck poor Santa's rear

Santa just smiled

And said

See you all next year !


Written by Debi Fisher


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