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Christmas Remembrance



Christmas Remembrance

Ken Ellison


The spirit of Christmas takes flight

Neath the star of Bethlehem’s light

Filling hearts and minds with delight,

Joyfully we await Christmas Eve night.

Tis the season of good will and mirth,

Joy and love will encircle the Earth,

As we feel the Christmas spirit perform

Remember the beloved brave in uniform.

They’re in the mountains of Afghanistan

And on the high seas of China and Japan,

From the bloodied desert sands of Iraq

They’ve served well thru hell and back.

In steaming jungles and burning sands

They stand up gallant for foreign lands

But this Christmas, many will be alone

Over this big blue marble we call home.

Whether in a crowd or at a lone outpost

They will recall past Christmas ghosts,

Calling back memories around the tree

Of mother and father and loving family.

No matter the distant shores they roam,

Hearts will yearn for family and home

And when Christmas bells began to chime

For many brave warriors it’ll be crying time.

When we are seated for a dinner grand

Let us in reverence clasp grateful hands,

Let us pray beneath the Bethlehem star

For our military, no matter where they are.

When we gather around the Christmas tree

And chorus carols our hearts full of glee,

Remember our lonely soldiers so far away

Who long for family and home this holiday.

Let us send a message borne by the wind

To proud warriors who protect and defend,

We salute you brave soldiers of the world

Wherever your flags are raised unfurled.

We Americans of the red, white and blue

Stand shoulder to shoulder beside you,

We love and respect you for duties done,

Merry Christmas to each and everyone.


©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-10-06



Ken Ellison


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