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In This Life I am Loved by You

In This Life I am Loved by You 
As I walked down this pathway, 
and gaze down toward the sea,
I'm praying that someday, 
you'll return home to me.
My life is not the same 
since you left me that lonely day,
When will you're voice echo 
fill our home?
In this life I am loved by you.
I write you letters 
and carve them in the sand,
And hope for a miracle 
that you'll understand.
I am standing here with two open arms,
And my eyes searching in a distance.
Searching for all your charms.
In this life I am loved by you.
My heart is true, 
and longs for only you,
That's all I have to give,
There will never be anyone else 
but you, my love.
Your deep within my heart 
You're every moment I'm alive,
Every single heart beat 
your loving will arrive.
There is love you find in me, 
that no one else has taken time to see,
In this life I am loved by you.
I love you so much more 
than ever before,
It's hard to say what love can do.
A love like ours 
is only given to a chosen few,
Is it possible two hearts combined 
yours and mine.
For one single moment 
let our hearts touch,
Let us love one another 
let's not be apart.
For it's only this moment 
Let's keep it always,
In this life I am loved by you.
Reflections in the water 
at this very shore,
Of a love that's mirrored 
of your face.
Reflections of a love and time 
from another place,
As I say...I'll wait forever.
I will love you til the end of time,
Then I would love you all over again!
For only joy can come through you,
Fill me with quite waters 
let my soul find comfort in your touch.
I will wait forever if that's what it takes,
In this life I am loved by you.
My eyes are filled with love, 
Because my heart flies high above,
I know I'll see you in awhile...
and see your loving face.
I know you will be in my warm embrace,
I'm lost in my own little world without you.
Where your arms are always open to me,
This is the true love you find in our love.
Cause' in this life I am loved by you.
All my dreams are of you, 
no other treasure means more to me,
Than just the dreams of you.
I'll be waiting here at this same sea,
To see if you return to me,
My arms are still open 
my eyes are still searching.
For my love to return to me 
I will be waiting for your return,
Here at this sea with love and hopes.
I know you will 
because you promised me so,
That you will soon return to me,
In this life I am loved by you.
I cannot describe the loneliness inside,
The day you left me with tears that won't dry.
Please come and meet meet me 
at this shoreline once more,
Your arms and your heart is what I adore.
In this life I am loved by you.
Then suddenly my eyes came open,
To discover this only to be a dream.
I know your far away
 fighting for our Country,
And with all our hopes and prayers
you'll soon return.
I know you will
 because you promised me so.
Until then
I'll look for you in my dreams,
In this life I am loved by you.
Poem written by Angeleyes
November 14, 2006
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