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Let Us See


Let Us See

Debi Fisher


Santa works all year

With the elves and Mrs. Claws

Shining up the sleigh

And shoeing the reindeer's paws

Mrs. Claus was  baking

And let Santa alone

When she came back in

He was dancing and eating scones

"Santa you must rest" ,

Said weary Mrs. Claus

But he was too excited

What would give him cause

Seems he was so excited

As if she could not tell

For Santa was a-dancin'

With the Christmas bells

He shouted out with joy

I want all for this to hear

They must go to sleep

And I'll come again next year

So when you hear the jingle

Of Santa and his bell

Make sure that you are sound asleep

And if you're not ......wellI won't tell




Written by Debi Fisher


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