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" Friends "

Debi Fisher

Sometimes we get so busy

And you think we cannot see

But you and I are friends

And this is what it means to me


I may not have met you face to face

But I can feel your heart

And when you  hurt , I hurt too

And try to do my part


Sometimes it just seems

Like no one will appreciate

And then that person doesn't realize

Until it is too late

But  real life can sometimes

Just get in our way

And that is when we need to take

Some time out of our day


So my little French fry *wink*

I just came to say

I love all that you do

And I hope I'm not in the way

I always have an ear

To listen good or bad

And a shoulder to catch the tears

When you're happy or sad


Life is full of presents

And the one I hope will never end

Is the gift I have with you

To be able to call you friend


By: Debi Fisher


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