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If This Is Goodbye  

If This Is Goodbye 
I turned away, as you passed by,
I didn't want you to see me cry.
I see you sailing away from me going your way without me,
But just in case I might be wrong and today
is all I get.
I'd like to say how much I could have loved you,
And hope we never forget.
Way beyond the horizons of life,
My eyes have seen the light.
With two souls, only one saying Goodbye.
Yes I can truly say,
I can't go on this way to many memories, to many tears.
As you sail that majestic sea, in search of another love.
I will stop here, and began life a new,
For only you know how lonely this can be
I tried so hard, but you didn't see
That this lady loved you throughout eternity
Plenty of thoughts I left behind...I'm sure you read them
Just saying Goodbye  wishing you well.
Now is the time to look back,
Mistakes big and small.
But at this you were in them,
Only a dream I have come to realize.
I knew this was coming I could feel the test,
As I knew the rest.
In my eyes you were the best.
We must move on I have begged enough.
But I must confess you're the Angel,
That I always expressed.
I will tell will be missed,
Goodbye my love this is it.
It will be a new beginning for you and me,
You were my treasure here on earth.
A part of you has grown in me,
Together in spirit we will always be.
Maybe in distance, but not in heart.
This is my gift to you...saying I could have loved you,
Since miles keep us apart although we never met.
I have no regrets of loving you for this time we shared.
You meant to much to me,
More than all the gold and silver.
You were the finest treasure, but you became so bold.
I am saying Goodbye...I tried my best.
I hope your as happy as can be,
I walked beside you so tall and free.
Waiting on one answer I never received,
I loved you for awhile..
So go ahead and sail that shinning sea,
You know I'll be waiting,
I know there will never be no more you and me.
You know I'll be right here at your side,
It's up to you, and far beyond me.
I had months of questions, from me to you,
And I had no answers to give and receive.
Wishing you happiness, joy, and love,
Goodbye to you...since this is the way it has to be.
Poetry by Angeleyes
Written October 31, 1999
Revised in 2006
Copyrights and should not be removed 
without asking first.

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