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Christmas Afar

Christmas Afar

Ken Ellison


I stroll past shops all in a row,

My steps crunch in icy snow,

Gala decorations are everywhere,

The Christmas spirit fills the air.

Christmas trees strung with lights,

Their pretty colors pierce the night,

Twinkling colors of a winter rainbow

Across ice crystals on snow.

Shoppers scurry here and there

Laden with gifts picked with care

Their cheeks rosy from frosty cold

As carolers chorus songs of old.

Christmas scenes crafted with love

Display winged angels from above,

In the manger is a baby child

Born to the world meek and mild.

As sleigh bells ring this holy eve

A feeling of loneliness saddens me,

My loving family is so far away,

Iíll miss them this Christmas day.

This Christmas Iíll be on my own,

Oh how I wish I could go back home

To spend Christmas with kith and kin

And welcome the new year in.

Sights and sounds of holiday cheer

Give me pleasure at being here

But I canít help feeling all alone,

Itís Christmas and I should be home.




©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-17-04

(Revised 12-08-05)



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