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A Thanksgiving Wish

MTR Members - 2006


From Sharon/AngelHeart


A Thanksgiving Wish


This Season of Thanks 

I send wishes from my heart

A home full of love,

 family and friends never to depart

A heart full of giving , 

humble hands as you tend

Health and good wishes 

in life's journeys round the bend

Kindness and remembrance

 of those not here

Memories with smiles

 in your heart staying clear

Prayers to protect you 

and those far away

The promise of a future 

with bright shiny days

Peace and serenity and harmony 

for one and all

And all your prayers answered

May God hear 

each and everyone's call

A wish of all good things 

you crave in your soul

A will to do for others, 

bringing smiles, helping hands

May that be your main goal

A season of Thanks for all you ask for

And Blessings on you for ever more



By : Sharon AngelHeart


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