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An Angels Tear Shall Fall  



An Angels Tear Shall Fall



And When The Nighttime Passes

And Morning Shines Anew

You Will Start Your Journey to Heaven

And I Will Walk With You

Please Don't be afraid My Friend

Just hold tightly to My Hand

We Will walk the Path of Life's Memories 

To Help Us Understand

The Pain and Tears or Sorrows

Where Never Given to Us In Vain

It Paved the Path to Heaven

Like Sunshine Glistens the Rain

Our Walk Is Only a Bit Longer

See The Warm and Radiant White Light ?

Who Is That in the Distance

Welcoming You Home This Night ?

It's Everyone You Have ever Loved

During Your Wonderful Dance of Life.

Those Who have gone Before You

Who Will Hold You on the Night.

Now I must leave You My Sweet Friend

If Only for awhile.

And As I turn to walk away

I Suddenly feel like a child.

I Turned once more to wave to You

But I  guess that You did  not see

For You were surrounded By so many Angels of Love

You Hardly Noticed Me.

And Now I am the weary One

 I Feel a tear running down my cheek.

And I feel the Touch Of My Angels Wings

Embrace me Into Sleep.




By: Pam Gallo

Copyright: 2000

Re Edited :2006



Page Created : Pam Gallo

Wav : In the Arms of the Angels

Sarah McLaughlin






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