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Clay Day

Every Tuesday is Clay Day. If you have taken ceramic classes before and/or have experience hand building with clay then feel free to drop in any time Tuesday and play. $25.00 per person and includes 2 pounds of clay, 2 firings, glazes and all tools needed. When you finish building your clay piece, you will leave it here 10 days so it can dry and be bisque fired. You can then return to paint your piece. After it is painted, it will be left here another 4 days to be overglazed and fired again. Then it will be finished and ready for you to take home and use. Everything in the studio is lead free and food safe.

Very Important Painters Card

Ask us about our VIP Card! With each new purchase you receive a stamp. And with six stamps you will receive $5.00 off your next purchase.

Ladies Night

Every Wednesday is Ladies night! From 4-8pm all ladies of all ages take 10% off their ceramic items!