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When I was a child, the years loomed ahead
The days passed ever so slow
I'd lie on the ground, find shapes in the clouds
And wonder what made the world go.

The weeks and the months and the years are no shorter
Than they were when I was a lass
But now that I'm old, it's incredible to me
How quickly time seems to pass.

Now I wish that time would slow down just a bit
Though I'm grateful for the life that I've led
But while not wanting time to hasten away
I still wonder what lies ahead.

And as I sit here writing this little poem
I'm aware of how time's slipping by
And I know at the end of my life, looking back
It will seem like the blink of an eye.

Mary Jeanne


Once I was agile and pretty and slim
With dark eyes and hair so appealing to him,
Who is also old now, and a little bit tubby.
And I guess I have to admit I am chubby.

But arthritis sets in and old age slows us down;
There's no doubt about it - we grow shorter - and round.
My rebounder sits in the corner still new;
I was so sure I'd use it, but the times have been few.

I have no will power, so as hard as I try,
I can't let the cookies and fudge pass me by.
My hair's getting grayer and his is already white.
Miss Clairol is trying, but the roots look too light.

I'm growing spots on my body and my toenails are thick.
And getting a bath in the tub's quite a trick.
But though the wrinkles are deepening all over my face,
I'm desperately trying to grow older with grace.

Mary Jeanne

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