A series of avi files covering some of Elena's military archaeological excarvations. They display the killing fields of Chernobyl over time and the environment in which Elena has lived. They show the aftermath of war in the raw form. But this is nothing, NOTHING compared to the the destruction, devastation and everlasting horror of 4½% of the radio activity escaping from one nuclear reactor. The Ukraine has been subjected to wars for over 1500 years, brief wars, prolonged sieges, battles utilizing the scorched earth defence. But never has it had a scorched earth assault by accident that will last 1500 years—perhaps longer.

At the Serpent's Wall with Socrates
First Avi File 84 MG

Sorting finds and showing pictures of finds she would not dig
Second Avi File 47.8 MG

Treasure Hunt on Haunted Hills
Third Avi File 105.7 MG

Haunted Hills Memorials
Forth Avi File 52.2 MG

Cleaning finds and tour
Fifth Avi File 92.9 MG

Finds in new ground

More finds by Elena
Seventh Avi File 101.3 MG

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