Pluto's Realm 14

Time to take turn and make a trip to the heart of Pluto's Land.
The most interesting destination is always the one where you have never been, the unknown land. Romans called it "Terra Incognita", the places where you don't know anything; no roads, no radiation levels... nothing.

It says contaminated.

I think, I could guess by looking that it is a bus stop.

...or by looking at this a house.

"Terra Incognita" is quite radioactive this time, forget about microroentgens, here we deal with milliroentgens. What was maximum in other places will be minimum here. Those villages are a time machine, everything here is as it was left more than two decades ago.

Except that authorities have moved some houses with bulldozers to get access to wells. They had to prevent penetration of radioactivity into our water system, so they blocked all wells.

It is clear why people don't want to see those villages, here you still feel the presense of death. To me it appears in a form of some wicked image whose breath makes everything fade, all he touched aquires gloaming colors of underworld and slowly turns to dust, his work is sucking life out of once fertile and fruitful places, until they become nothing, but a dry herbarium.

Like this Chinese Rose. In our world there is no rose without thorns... in Pluto's herbarium all thorns without roses and it is really strange that here you can find things that excite and allure you.

This motorcycle is now a part of the herbarium, no way to separate it from the roots.

Inside of houses.

Radiation must have been very high here in April 1986, I think tens of Roentgens in first days, people had to be evacuated in no time.


Last notes in pupil's 'mark book' indicate that life had stopped here at the end of April 1986.

This must be the room of a photographer.

There are so many pictures left in Chernobyl.

After the accident everything was radioactive and people were told to leave their stuff, most evacuees belived they would come back in a few days or a few month or few years.

22 years passed and the pictures are still there. Many folk didn't survive the accident. A few returned to pick up their most valuable things, the rest moved to new life, which does not leave much time for thinking about past.

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