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Pluto's Realm 8

This barbed wire creates the so called the "dead zone" around reactor. How far is reactor from here?
It is said to be within a 30 kms zone, but in fact the reactor is about 50-55 kms (33 miles) from here.

There are towns with no roads but, also, there are roads with no town, like "Green Cape", the entire town is gone. It is only imagined to exist from road signs.

This is how it looks in fact...

...not a single building is left here now, no memorial, nothing that indicates the town was there.

Green Cape is an interesting place. You know it is here, but it is not really. There are roads, bushes, a lake... but no buildings.

Photographing is difficult in this town, for there is nothing much to photograph ... I mean, only nothingness is left. So much emptiness builds up a creepy feeling, like something evil is hidden in this emptiness...
Nothing left to do but say AMEN to the Ghost Town that was formerly known as Green Cape. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, isotope to isotope...


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