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Arnold Gundersen, an energy adviser at Fairewinds Associates Inc., is frustrated with both TEPCO and the Japanese government.

"They have consistently underestimated the magnitude of the problem," Gundersen said. "With 50 reactors and fears of power shortages, and associations within the nuclear industry, that combination makes them want to see the absolute best in the situation, when in fact it is much worse than they are willing to admit. It is one thing to keep it calm, and it is another to tell the facts as they really are."

Gundersen believes that the evacuation from the area around the disaster-hit nuclear facility should have happened quicker. In particular, he said, kids and pregnant women should have been evacuated much faster, as "the risk of cancer to a kid is 10-100 times higher for the same exposure than for an adult."

Gundersen is also concerned that a lot of radiation is leaking down into the groundwater. Putting a cap on top of the facility will not solve the downward migration of radiation at all, concluded Gundersen.

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