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Reiner Braun, a program director at the International Network of Engineers and Scientists, says it was "totally irresponsible" of Japan to build nuclear power plants in an area with so much seismic activity. Moreover, the country enjoys a variety of alternative sources of energy.

Braun has called for getting rid of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, citing an inability to control them. There are also economic reasons for staying away from nuclear power, according to Braun.

"Nuclear energy is the most expensive energy in the world," he said. "If we put all the costs together—the cost of developing the energy, the cost of transportation, the cost of producing the energy—then nuclear energy is much more expensive than any kind of energy. The problem is that the main part of this cost is paid by the state—by us as the taxpayers. If you really take the cost of it, it is very simple to say that all alternatives are much cheaper. We have wind, we have solar, we have water, we have many other kinds of renewable energy. The nuclear industry is lying. They are lying for their profit."

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