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Night Moves
Repossession & Mediation Service

"Night Moves is the Right Move for Professional Recovery"

"If It Can Be Found We Will Find It"

Night Moves is Unique Among Most Repossessors
In both Our Service & Professional Staff
(Many of Whom are Ex Private Investigators or Law Enforcement and well versed in the Law)
As well as Our Dedication,Innovative Tactics and Searches
We Search for Your Vehicle Until it is Recovered, Payment is Secured by Mediation
Or You Call Us Off the Case.

Unlike Most Services That "Grab & Run"
In Most Cases With or Without Keys We Take the Time to
Retrieve Them From the Customer & Allow them to
Retrieve Their Possessions at the Time of Recovery
(Saving You Money on Remotes, Keys & Time)

Whenever Possible We Drive the Vehicle to You
(Minimizing the Chances of Damage Due to Towing)

Company Run & Supervised by Owner
20 Years of Experience

Although Serving Houston and Surrounding Areas
We Will Recover Vehicles Anytime Anywhere!

Call: 281-995-5251
Ask For Justice