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Candy Cane

by Anita H c 2006

We discussed in class how to change colors in needle tatting, and methods used in maintaining control over the location of the colors needed. Through these pictures, we hope you will be able to better understand how to change colors while working through a motif.

Step 1

Tie together lengths of the 2 colors you want to work with. Decide which is color 1 (your first ring) and thread your needle with this strand. You will start with a ring (note use true rings in order to maintain the desired color pattern), doing your first stitch of the ring as close as possible to your knot.

Step 2

When you close R1, you will do a SLT (shoe lace trick) in order to continue with a CH which will be the same color as your R. This will happen because the thread in your needle is the core thread and you will be wrapping with the color used for R1.

Step 2b

After completeing the chain, you will see that your needle is already threaded with the color you will want for R2. So all you have to do is flip your work and proceede with R2 (note: Do NOT do a SLT before doing the ring). Normally you have a SLT between elements in needle tatting, but in order to maintain the correct color pattern we must leave it out in this case.

Step 3

Continue with R2, note your ring will be in color 2 thread.


Continue with Step 2 and 3 to maintain the color pattern while working the rest of your candy cane.

See Stephanie's write-up with stitch counts here