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Some handy reference sites:

Sue Hanson's Method of splitting Embroidery Floss for tatting

Comparison of Embroidery Floss Strands to Tatting Thread Sizes

Sites for extra Info/Practice

Tatting Short Hand

Common Tatting Terms Translated in Other Languages:






New Tatter's Basic Class Info

Welcome to the Class!

Anyone is free to use these pages to learn to tat. If you'd like to join our live lessons (conferences on Chatzy using your browser) sign up for Georgia's Tatting Class announcement-only email list. Details are here. Georgia will reply to you with the address of the chat room.

Also, we have a separate discussion list for beginners to voice their questions about the lessons, or learning tatting in general. Details are here (click "Join this group.")

No fees, just tatting fun! This site was written and is maintained by volunteers, just as the class is run by volunteers.

Class is held on Thursdays at 3pm and 9pm (ET). Since this is close to bed time and dinner time in many areas, please log in a little bit early and enjoy some open chat too.

Class sets run a few times per year with a break during North American summer with breaks between to allow for extra help by class members before moving up to the regular Monday night classes held by Georgia.

Computer tools for online class: You have them if you are reading this page on line: your favorite Internet browser.

Because of the restricted class time, and amount of information to be covered, we ask that you please check this site and read/look at the classes during the week prior to class. This will allow for us to move along faster, as well as give you time to think about the class and questions you may have for us.

PLEASE Bring these Items to EACH Class:

  • Shuttle or Needle
  • 2 Colors of thread (nothing fancy... thicker is better to start)
  • 1 Small crochet hook (shuttles may have this on the tip)
  • 1 pair scissors or other thread cutting tool
  • 1 notebook to hold your printouts/samples

Also, Check out the Completed Homework page! Scans from our students will be posted as we receive them. If you have scans you would like to include please send them to us! Let's show off what we are learning!

Also, if you notice any broken links or info that needs to be changed in ANY way please email the teachers. We want to make this site easy to navigate for everyone!

A big THANK YOU to Anita who originally wrote most of the content of these pages in 2006. Cynthia and Jane are building on it.

Contact the Teachers Cynthia: brasthatfit at yahoo dot com
Jane: stujane82 at embarqmail dot com