Icons, avatars, backgrounds, guest art etc!


Bringing Sexy back? You betcha!

I made this parody desktop image based on a few amusing comments about

Lightning Lad's (Garth Ranzz) season 2 hairdo and goatee.


This is just a few backgrounds i made with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.



Icons and avatars 


Legion of Superheroes Animated



Brainiac 5 aka Querl DoxWorking again...Wait a minute...Being a 12'th level intellect isn't always easy. Chameleon Boy aka Reep DaggleSprock, i wanted the last cookie!What the...?

Superman aka Clark Kent/Kal-ElSuperman X aka Kel, a 41'th century clone of Superman.Just when he thought he had his team mates figured out.Get a haircut? But i like my hair like this?I may be a clone but don't mess with me.

Lightning Lad aka Garth Ranzz (bringing sexy back!)We should check this out now!Honk if you love readheads!Sibling loveAyla Ranzz, Garth and Mekt's sister.Mekt Ranzz, Garth and Ayla's older brother.

Saturn Girl aka Imra ArdeenI sense...something...blue?I spy with my little eye, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy arguing again!Cosmic Boy aka Rokk KrinnI don't act like an a** all the time, you know?Hmm?

Phantom Girl aka Tinya WazzoThis doesn't sound so good....Angelic Phantom GirlOk, who IS that guy?Shrinking Violet aka Salu Digby

Timber Wolf aka Brin LondoELF ears? Now i feel insulted.Growl! Who ate all my cookies?Karate Kid aka Val Armorr

Triplicate Girl aka Loumou DurgoDuo Damsel, previously known as Triplicate Girl


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Clearbrook of the Wolfrider tribe.Nightfall of the Wolfrider tribe.



Visuals and art made by others


DeathWind13 on Deviantart:


This is a commission i asked him to do of
my Legion of Superheroes fan character Frost:




Mel made this beautiful image

for me. It's Teen Titans Starfire and her friend, the

Russian hero Red Star. He eventually joined the Titans.







Legion of Superheroes (animated) characters.

The first and second below plus the Lightning Lads

in different stages of ages image she made for me.


Lightning lad is having a bad day again. The girls don't seem to mind though! Tinya and Garth cuddling.

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