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Of Apes and Men - The NON-evolution of Man


I am so sick and tired of hearing evolutionists claim that we as humans have an ape as an ancestor. Frankly, given all the hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the last century or so, it's a wonder that anybody actually believes this rubbish. A few cases as examples:

1) Piltdown Man :

What was "discovered" : Part of a skull and later a jawbone

When : 1912

Later discovered (only in 1953 !!!) : Skull was from a modern human, jawbone and teeth from orangutan! The teeth had been filed down and chemically treated to more closely resemble human teeth.



2) Nebraska Man:

What was "discovered" : a tooth  (!!) Claimed to be 1 million year old intermediate link

When : 1922

Later found to be : An extinct PIG'S TOOTH



3) Ramapithecus :

What was discovered: (1930's) :  A jawbone - claimed to be 14 million year old intermediate between apes and humans.

Later found to be :(1970) Baboon found in Ethiopia with exactly the same dental structure and other features as Ramapithecus.

Result : Ramapithecus was NEVER a Ancestor of humans ! (Even dropped from human line by evolutionists)

4) Neanderthal Man:

Neanderthal skeletons ARE NOT a hoax. They were TRUE HUMANS!!

Originally found in the 1800's, these skeletons were re-constructed to look ape-like ("they just had to be ape-like; they could not possibly be human, could they?!) It was later found that this construction was WRONG. Their brain capacity was a bit larger than some modern humans ( more intelligent :-)  ), but well within the range of modern humans (some people have big heads if they have large bodies - obviously!)

Their stocky build and protruding brow-ridges may have been due to harsh climatic conditions and malnutrition. I quote from Marvin L. Lubenow's Bones of Contention regarding the findings of Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) who was a professor of pathology at the University of Berlin and known as the father of the science of pathology :

    "...the original Neanderthal individual had been a normal human who suffered from rickets in childhood.  Virchow's diagnosis has never been refuted. It was ignored in his day because by coincidence the  Neanderthal morphology was what evolutionists believed a transition between primates and humans would  look like."

Lubenow goes on to cite the fantastic qualifications of Virchow who knew a great deal about rickets (lack of vitamin D) since it was VERY prevalent at that time.

So why is rickets ignored? It is because we don't really get cases of this disease any more in western countries. Many doctors would not even recognise it if they saw it. Also, at that time, many other specimens (some fake such as Piltdown man etc) were regarded as proof of human evolution, so why not Neanderthal as well? Of course, with the publication of Darwin's book and after ,things became set in stone.

A few facts about Neanderthals:

- they played musical instruments

- they buried their dead

- they did cave paintings

- they wore jewelry

- they could speak

Result: Neanderthals were FULLY HUMAN; They just lived an isolated life in a harsh climate.


What was found : (1974) about 40% of the skeleton - claimed to be 3.5 million years old and that it walked upright

On investigation, one finds:

- Contrary to DRAWINGS of Lucy which are artists' IMAGINATION, the skeleton is NOT similar in appearance to   humans.

- The brain capacity overlaps that of chimpanzees

- The hands are similar to that of the pygmy chimpanzee

- Jaws, upper leg bone and long arms similar to chimpanzees

- Rib cage is that of an ape - NOT human

Conclusion - Features of an ape + More features of an ape  + more features of an ape DO NOT A HUMAN ANCESTOR MAKE!

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