Real Name: Donna Troy

Occupation: Adventurer, Goddess (Self-Styled), former photographer

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record, Honorary citizen of New Chronos

Identity: Public

Other Aliases: Wonder Woman, Darkstar, Troia

Place of Birth: New York City, New York

Marital Status: Widowed

Known Relatives: Dorothy Hinckley (mother, deceased), Carl Stacy (foster father, deceased), Fay Evans (foster mother, deceased), Terry Long (husband, deceased), Robert Long (son, deceased), Jennifer Long (step-daughter, deceased),

Group Affiliations: Team Titans, ally of the Gods of Olympus, former member of the Darkstars

Base of Operations: Team Titans Headquarters, New York City, New York; formerly New Chronus, located somewhere in the known universe

First Appearance: Brave and the Bold I #60

Origin: New Teen Titans I #38

History: Donna Troy is the daughter of Dorothy Hinckley of whom very little is known. Her father's identity is unrevealed. Shortly after Donna was born, Dorothy found herself suffering from a debilitating form of cancer and surrendered Donna to the Willowbrook Orphanage, leaving her in the care of its director, Elmira Cassidy. Dorothy was helped along by the orphanage gardener to the hospital afterward where she died of the effects of her cancer. 

Donna was adopted by Carl and Fay Stacey afterward who doted on her for two years. Carl, however, was killed in an accident and was approached by William Harrison, the attorney for the orphanage, trying to regain custody of Donna. Harrison was secretly running an illegal child-selling racket beyond the knowledge of Elmira Cassidy. He took the infant Donna from Faye and used a vacant apartment in a deserted tenement as a location to meet his clients, who would keep Donna until they could find a couple to purchase her. A fire, however, broke out in the building and took the lives of Harrison's confederates. The infant Donna was rescued by Rhea, the goddess of earth, one of the ancient Titans from Mount Olympus. She raised Donna to maturity, imbuing her with godly gifts and attributes alongside other children taken from other worlds and locations that they might grow up to become exemplars of their perspective races. When she returned Donna to Earth, she altered her memories that she would not recall the unhappy events of her past. Donna had a false memory of Wonder Woman rescuing her from the fire and of living among the Amazons of Paradise Island as a result. Rhea then implanted Wonder Woman with memories of being friends with Donna, believing her to be her adoptive sister. Donna took the name Wonder Girl and followed her mentor on several adventures. 

Wonder Girl was one of the first recruits to be invited into the Teen Titans formed by the protégés and young allies of the Justice League of America. At first, she did not have much of a secret identity, but she eventually developed a civilian identity as a photographer named Donna Troy. She met and fell in love with a college professor named Terry Long, a widower with a daughter, Jennifer. She planned to marry him, but Donna first asked Dick Grayson (Robin) to help her make sense of her past. Dick traced a childhood memento found at the source of the apartment fire back to Willowbrook and eventually learned of Harrison's criminal motives. He finally tracked down Fay Stacey, who had since remarried and through her, Donna discovered the grave of Dorothy Hinckley, giving her some closure to her past. 

Donna and Terry eventually married and had a son, Robert. They lived close to the Teen Titans Headquarters in New York as Donna carried on her heroics as Wonder Girl. Among the menaces she faced included Deathstroke, Trigon, The Church of Blood, Cheshire, The Fearsome Five and Darkseid, who lead them into a clash with the X-Men. Among threats to the group was a being calling himself Lord Chaos who claimed to be Donna's future son and who had used his godly gifts inherited from her to take over the Earth in the future. Donna gave up her godly gifts to prevent his possible future from occurring. recanting the decision later and eventually leaving the Teen Titans to join the Darkstars, a group of intergalactic adventurers. She rejoined the team afterward, but Terry divorced Donna afterward, her heroics having put stress on their relationship. Donna turned to teammate Kyle Radner (Green Lantern) for support but left him after Terry, Robert and Jennifer were killed in a car accident. With her life spiraling into depression, Wonder Girl gave her life to to destroy Indigo, an android trying to destroy the Teen Titans.

Wonder Girl was eventually resurrected by the original Titans, the ancestors of the Olympian Gods, some time later. They renamed her Troia and gave her more false memories, but Donna realized her true identity when she was reunited with her old teammates, now known as Team Titans. She clashed with Sparta, one of the other exemplars collected by the original Titans, and regained more of her lost memories. Sparta wanted to slay all the other "Titan Seeds" and collect all their powers, but she was unable to control the power she had collected and was defeated. Troia rejoined the Team Titans and shortly encountered Dark Angel, her counterpart from another reality, who revealed to Donna her existence in other timelines. Harbinger, the protector of the multiverse, gave Donna a Universal Orb as a result. In one alternate reality, she discovered she had been created by magic to be the spiritual twin of Wonder Woman, forcing her to realize her spiritual connections to Wonder Woman, Paradise Island and the Olympian Gods. When Wonder Woman briefly retired, Donna took over being Wonder Woman for a while, clashing with both the Cheetah and Giganta. Doctor Psycho tried to turn her against Wonder Woman but failed.

As Troia, Donna rejoined the Team Titans again and resumed her relationship with Kyle, now calling himself Ion. Together, they traced the murder of her best friend, Duela Dent, to an Amazon invasion of Washington DC instigated by a member of the Monitors. She remains a member of the Team Titans, recently clashing once more against Trigon hunting down and slaying their former members.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Wonder Girl possesses superhuman strength enabling her to lift (press) 40 tons under optimal conditions.

Known Superhuman Powers: Wonder Girl possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability and resistance to injury on par with the Olympian gods. She is immune to all Earthly diseases and is resistant to conventional injury. If she were somehow wounded, her godly life force would enable her to recover with superhuman speed. At one time, her strength was on the same level as Wonder Woman, but she has gone through several power fluctuations over the years, once becoming equal to the Olympians themselves. She is no longer as powerful as she once was, but she has acquired other powers and abilities as well.

Wonder Girl also has a variety of powers of mystical origin, such as her power to levitate into the air and then allowing herself to fly through the air. She could fly at nearly subsonic speeds (possibly 250 to 300 miles per hour) unless she is taxed by other forces, such as carrying another person or supporting other objects. She can conjure and create beams of force that can repel objects or protect her as a force field. She also has some limited psychic potential to perceive deception, although not from mystical beings of extraordinary mental control. She has a psychic rapport with Wonder Woman enabling them to perceive each other's emotions and to even share each other dreams.

Abilities: Wonder Girl is an exceptional warrior trained in several forms of armed and unarmed combat including the martial arts. She has been trained in the use of numerous weapons, particularly the staff, her weapon of choice. She is a capable leader and strategist. She is also a professional photographer.

Weaponry/Paraphernalia: At one time in her life, Wonder Girl wielded deflective bracelets and a lasso of truth similar to that of Wonder Woman which could compel anyone bound by it to tell the truth. For several years, Wonder Girl believed these items to be gifts by Queen Hippolyta, but recent repercussions in her life have indicated that this is incorrect. Their actual origins are unrevealed.

As Darkstar, Wonder Girl wore a battle-suit of unknown composition that increased upon her superhuman powers or at least provided her an extra amount of protection, but it has since passed out of her possession.

Comments: Wonder Girl (aka Troia) is a character from DC Comics. She was played by actress Debra Winger in "Wonder Woman" (1976-1979).

Research culled from Who's Who in the DC Universe (original and loose-leaf editions) and the DC Database Project.

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