Real Name: Perseus "Percy" Jackson

Occupation: Student, Camp Counselor

Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no known criminal record

Identity: Percy Jackson has no dual identity, but the general populace of Earth is unaware of his godly attributes.

Other Aliases: None

Place Of Birth: Unrevealed, possibly New York City, New York

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Poseidon (father, alias Seidon Reason), Sally Jackson (mother), Paul Blofis (step-father), Gabriel Ugliano (former step-father), Zeus, Hades (uncles), Hera, Demeter, Hestia (aunts), Triton, Arion, Tyson (half-brothers), Despoena, Rhode, Bethescyme, Holly Seacrest (half-sisters), Theseus (half-brother, deceased), Hercules, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, Persephone, Dionysus (cousins),

Group Affiliation: ally of Grover Underwood and Annabella Logan

Base Of Operations: New York City and Camp Half-Blood, Montauk, New York

First Appearance: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2008)

History: Percy Jackson is the mortal son of Poseidon, a member of an extra-dimensional race of beings known as the Olympians who were worshipped as gods by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. After the Olympians lost their worshippers, Poseidon and the Olympian Gods began trafficking Earth more often, often protecting their mortal ancestors and remotely acting behind the scenes of many key moments in history. In doing so, they often impersonated mortals, developing earthly identities and backgrounds, only retreating back to Olympus to deal with matters of a godly nature. Like several of the gods of Earth, many of the Olympians continued to sire half-immortal children or demigods who possessed abilities above normal human beings.

In recent years, Poseidon fell in love with a mortal woman named Sally Jackson who sired him a son, but following an edict from Zeus who forbade marriage between gods and mortals, Poseidon was unable to raise him. Sally named their son, Perseus, after the ancient King of Argos whose life had ended happily than tragically like most demigods. Preferring the name Percy, her son was raised in secret from the other gods of Olympus.

In the beginning, Percy was unaware of his godly attributes. An average student, he grew up with a natural affinity for water and was able to unconsciously cause strange things to occur around him even if he didn't know why they happened. Expelled from several schools because of these incidents, he eventually attended Yancy Academy in New York City where he became friends with Grover Underwood, an apparent paraplegic who helped to protect him from bullies. In actuality, Grover was a satyr from Camp Half-Blood, a school created by the centaur, Chiron, to teach and train modern demigods. Chiron sent Grover to Yancy Academy to befriend Percy and help protect him even though Percy was unaware of his godly powers. Grover concealed his satyr attributes at in public by posing as a paraplegic. Chiron often appeared to look after Percy by posing as a teacher and using a wheelchair that mystically concealed his centaur characteristics.

At some point, Luke Castellan, a student from Camp Half-Blood, stole the Thunderbolt of Zeus created by the Cyclopes. The weapon served as the symbol of authority proving Zeus was ruler of the Olympian Gods as well as the medium through which he could fire lightning bolts. For untold reasons, Zeus accused Percy of stealing his lightning bolt to help Poseidon seize power over the other Olympian gods. This seems unlikely as Zeus with his clairvoyance would have been able to divine the true thief; it is far more likely Zeus used the incident to hasten Percy to discover his true identity. Hades, the god of the dead, meanwhile tried using the theft to expand his dominion to Olympus and sent Alecto, one of the Furies, to impersonate Esmerelda Dodds, Percy's pre-algebra teacher at Yancy Academy. Percy managed to drive her off by using Riptide, a sword created by Hephaestus for Poseidon to give him. Desperate to protect Percy, Grover and Sally took Percy to Camp Half-Blood near Montauk, New York for Chiron to better protect him, revealing his true past to him in the process. Along the way, Hades had restored the Minotaur to life to take Percy into custody but instead seized Sally as a hostage to use against him.

At Camp Half-Blood, Percy discovered Grover's true form as a satyr and encountered other demigods sired by the Olympians and other gods of Earth. He became friends with Annabeth Chase, head counselor of the Athena cabin, who he first encountered as an antagonist but eventually became romantic with as they became friends. He was reunited with Chiron in his true form and encountered Dionysus, the god of wine. He also seemed to become friends with Luke Castellan, the head counselor of the Hermes cabin, though he remained unaware of his true nature. Percy seemed to excel at Camp Half Blood, but Hades appeared at the camp asking for Percy to surrender the Thunderbolt of Zeus in exchange for his mother's freedom. Not having the thunderbolt, Percy tried to bluff Hades to gain his mother's freedom. In order to reach the underworld, he learned from Luke about the Pearls of Persephone that allowed the living to escape the Underworld after entering it. Luke further hid the thunderbolt in a shield for Hades to find, expecting Percy to lose his life looking for the pearls. Accompanied by Grover and Annabelle, Percy traveled the United States looking for the hidden pearls and confronting Medusa, the Chimera, and a Lotus-Eaters Cult in his quest before ending up in the Underworld and facing Hades. Aided in his escape by Persephone, Percy traveled back to New York City where Zeus hid a portal to Olympus at the top of Empire State Building and clashed with Luke who revealed his complacency in the theft. Using his powers, Percy defeated him and returned the thunderbolt to Zeus.

Percy returned to Camp Half Blood afterward. After Jotuns attacked the camp, they damaged the mystical borders protecting the camp from evil forces and poisoned the sacred pine tree that protected the boundaries of the camp. To restore it to life, Percy, Annabelle and Grover decided to seek out the modern whereabouts of the Golden Fleece to restore it to life.

With the attack on the camp, Chiron was removed as the camp director and replaced with Tantalus, a son of Zeus who formerly ruled ancient Lydia in the 13th Century BC. Tantalus refused to allow Percy to take the trip to obtain the Golden Fleece which had been hidden on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, which the gods had used to contain several of the creatures of ancient myth. During the journey, Percy met and encountered Tyson, another son of Poseidon on the Isle of the Cyclopes, where Grover was captured by Polyphemus, another Cyclops. Despite encountering Circe among several creatures of the Triangle, Percy was successful in his adventure and returned with the Fleece. Thalia, the young demi-goddess whose spirit presided in the tree, revealed to Percy that the attack on the camp was created by Cronus, the eternal enemy of the Olympian Gods, removing all blame from Chiron who took over as as camp director once more.

Percy and Grover eventually encountered Bianca and Nico di Angelo, two demigods reportedly sired by Hades, the god of the dead, although they were not aware of this fact at the time. The di Angelos attended a school run by a man known only as Dr. Thorn, who is actually the human form of a Manticore. In trying to free them, Annabeth became captured, forcing Percy to realize his feelings for her. Cronus, meanwhile, was directing a plot to gain control over Olympus by releasing an entity powerful enough to destroy the Olympian gods. Percy discovered the only one who might know the creature's weakness was Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, who Cronus had taken captive. While trying to rescue Annabeth, Percy encountered Rachel Elizabeth Dare, a young psychic who could see through the mystical barriers between gods and mortals. With her help, Percy found Annabeth held captive by Atlas, one of the Titans, and fought Luke once more who was working for Cronus. Bianca loses her life helping Percy defeat Cronus, but Nico blames Percy for her death.

Percy's feelings for Annabeth became conflicted with his friendship for Rachel after he invited her to Camp Half-Blood. After encountering the Empusa, Percy discovered a cavern near the camp that seemed to hold a portal to the original Labyrinth on Crete or a new Labyrinth constructed near the camp. They discovered Luke planning on using the underground maze to sneak into Camp Half-Blood to destroy it. Percy battled Luke, but became lost underground afterward, finding his way to the surface near Mount Saint Helens, briefly stirring the Titan, Typhon, from his sleep in the process, and causing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people living near the dormant volcano. The goddess, Calypso, eventually helped him to return to Camp Half-Blood where he has been falsely reported as dead. Percy enters camp just as they are about to burn his burial shroud in effigy.

Percy eventually learned that Quintus, new sword instructor at Camp Half-Blood, was actually the ancient Athenian architect, Daedalus, who had created the Labyrinth and had managed to extend his life by placing his life force into an artificial body. Daedalus helped Percy battle Cronus trying to destroy the camp, sacrificing himself to destroy the Labyrinth at the seat of Cronus's power.

Percy eventually teamed up with Charles Beckendorf, a mortal son of Hephaestus, on a quest to blow up Luke's monster cruise ship, the Princess Andromeda, but Cronus captured them after learning of their plans, but Beckendorf sacrificed himself to save Percy. Although feeling guilty, Percy and Nico went to visit Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, and learned that Luke had bathed in the Styx in order to resist Cronus. Similarly, Nico helped Percy to travel to the Underworld, where he bathes in the River Styx to become invulnerable as well. In Manhattan, Percy rallied the students from Camp Half Blood and several allies to battle Cronus from reaching Olympus through the Empire State Building. Percy's life is saved by Annabeth, who revealing her feelings to him were platonic in nature. Percy managed to defeat Cronus and earned the gratitude of Zeus, who offered to make Percy a god, but Percy instead requested that the Olympians retract their vow to be distant from their mortal children. Percy, however, subsequently, loses the vulnerability he gained from the Styx.

Just before the start of his new semester at Camp Half Blood, Percy was sent by Hera, the Queen of the Gods, to visit Camp Jupiter, another demigod camp near San Francisco, California in order to arrange ties between the two camps. This camp differed from Camp Half Blood in that the Gods of Olympians were referred to by their Roman names than their Greek names. However, while visiting the camp, Percy became friends with Jason Grace, a mortal son of Zeus (identified as Jupiter in the camp} several of the students there and developed selective amnesia about his past, but Annabelle came looking for him him and restored his memories. The reasons for his amnesia are yet to be revealed.

Following a battle with Medusa's sisters, the Gorgons, trying to avenge her death, Percy became praetor for both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter in order strength the ties between the camps. Eventually, Percy fought the giant, Alcyoneus, and defeated him with the help of the god, Terminus (known as Janus to the Romans). Percy eventually learned that Hera had sent him to the camp in order that the two camps would join forces against the Giants of Olympus.

Since returning back to Camp Half-Blood, Percy's relationship with Annabeth has become more serious. They have begun dating. Annabeth has definitely developed feelings for Percy through their adventures. Where their relationship will lead has yet to be revealed.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Percy possesses the normal human strength level of a young man of his size, height and build in his complete prime who engages in extensive regular exercises.

Known Superhuman Powers: Percy Jackson possesses greater than human prowess than other human beings due to his demigod status. He has greater than human strength, speed, reflexes and endurance than normal humans but not to a superhuman degree. Percy is the equivalent of an Olympic-class athlete due to his half-godly nature, but he does not suffer from fatigue due to his near immortal stature. He would have to exert himself for several hours before he would experience fatigue. He can run faster and perform longer than normal human beings.

Like all demigods, Percy also has greater than human potential to tap into and manipulate magic, which takes the form of an innate mystical ability to psionicly control and manipulate water. He can control and summon water into waves or torrents of force, such as a solid stream of water forced to 500 pounds per scare inch, equivalent to a force of water fired through a fire hose, powerful enough to punch through a wall or knock down his opponents. However, he is only able to mentally control around 2,000 to 3,000 gallons at a time (the size of an average water tower). He can mentally conjure water from water vapor for several hours except in arid to dry areas where there is less water to draw from. He can also tap into the water molecules in ice crystals, mentally controlling ice in specific directions. He can freeze water water into weapons and objects, such as shields and pillars. He can also pull existing water molecules off other objects, enabling him to dry any object within his proximity. His mastery and the amount of water he can control is likely to increase as he becomes an adult.

Percy also also has a mystical affinity for existing underwater for long periods of time. He can dive to incredible ocean depths without harm to himself. Due to this mystical link, he can heal himself or gain his full vigor after getting immersed in water. While underwater, he can generate a jet stream behind himself to propel himself faster than swimming sped

Percy also has a variety of quasi-psychic powers due to his semi-divine nature. He has a near-clairvoyant sense to read danger in his proximity but not to discern the source of the danger to him. This sense reveals itself as a tingling to the back of his neck which becomes more acute as per his distance to the source. He also has an empathic connection with Grover due to their strong friendship which allows him to tell when Grover is in danger. Percy also has a quasi-telepathic sense enabling him to communicate with sea life and other beings while underwater without speaking.

Percy also has an innate ability to read Latin and Ancient Greece. The source of this power is unrevealed.

Abilities: Percy Jackson is a capable fighter in armed and unarmed combat. He is an expert swordsman, due to his training at Camp Half-Blood, capable of holding his own against larger and more experienced opponents. He also has an innate ability to pilot or maneuver any sea craft from a canoe to a ship.

Weaponry/Paraphernalia: Percy Jackson has access to a vast array of weapons and mystical artifacts left over from Ancient Greece and Rome, most of which he has collected and accumulated through his adventures. Foremost among his weapons is Anaklusmos which Percy nick-named Riptide. Constructed out of enchanted bronze by Hephaestus and enchanted by Poseidon, the sword has the mystical ability to turn into a pen for Percy much as how Thor's Mjolnir once had the ability to transform into a walking cane. Poseidon's enchantments prevent the sword from taking shape for anyone else but Percy. Like Mjolnir, Riptide is enchanted to always return to Percy when he loses it, usually appearing in a pocket somewhere on his person. Likewise, Percy can call it to appear to him even if he neglects to carry it. Riptide is powerful enough to deflect powerful blasts of energy including blasts of lightning from Zeus.

Percy also owns a pair of winged shoes, given to him from Luke Castellan. The origins of these shoes are unrevealed, but it has been suggested they are one of several pairs owned and discarded by Hermes. By wearing the shoes, Percy can fly through the air, usually no more than 500 feet into the air where the air would be too thin for him to breath. His top speed is unknown, but he can move at almost 80 miles per hour under optimal wind conditions. Percy has since given the shoes as a gift to Grover.

Limitations: Percy Jackson is subject to Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia, which are described as after-effects of his demigod nature. He also suffers from claustrophobia, but it may be possible for him to tolerate it under some conditions as shown when he went in to the Labyrinth.

Comments: Percy Jackson was played by Logan Lerman in "Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief" (2008).

According to Richard O' Riordan, Percy's real name is Perseus. His mother named him this because Perseus was one of the only demigods to have a happy ending. This is a bit of an exaggeration; in Greek Mythology, there were countless demigods beyond Hercules, Helen, Theseus and Achilles whose destinies are largely unrevealed.

For some reason, Percy seems to have repeated several of the same adventures of the Greek heroes, such as: slay the Minotaur (The Lightning Thief), kill Medusa (Lightning Thief), obtain the Golden Fleece (Sea Of Monsters), battle and defeat the Nemean Lion (Sea Of Monsters), visit the Garden of the Hesperides (Sea Of Monsters), enter the Labyrinth (The Titan's Curse), visit the Underworld (Lightning Thief), made immortal in the Styx (The Last Olympian), confront the Sphinx (Battle Of The Labyrinth), fought the Giants/Jotuns (Sea Of Monsters) and faced the Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis and Polyphemus (Sea Of Monsters). The skeleton warriors (Titan's Curse) are possibly based on the skeleton warriors in "Jason And The Argonauts" (1968).

Furthermore, O' Riordan's haphazard adaptation of the Greek myths seems to reveal several unrevealed plot-holes involving relocated landmarks (The Labyrinth, Ogygia...) and previously dead entities (Medusa, Minotaur, Chimera...) turning up alive.

For unknown reasons, Percy's adventures are oddly prejudiced against foreign gods not related to Greek and Roman mythology. It is possible but unconfirmed if there are any demigods at Camp Half-Blood descended from Norse, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Incan, Celtic, Slavic, Finnish, Native American, Oceanic or African gods.

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