Real Name: Nyx

Occupation: Goddess of night

Legal Status: Unknown, possible Citizen of Olympus

Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of Nyx’s existence except as a mythological deity.

Other Aliases: Nox, "Queen of Night,"

Place Of Birth: Unknown

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Ophion (alleged father), Eurynome (alleged mother), Erebus (brother/husband), Aether, Thanatos, Hypnos, Charon, Eros, Keres, Momus, Moros, Oizys, Dolos, Limos, Kronos, Ponos, Phonos, Geres, Philotes, Pyroeris (sons), Hemera, Nemesis, Apate, Algea, Usmine, Mache, Androctasia, Neicea, Pseudea, Ate, Eris, Dysomnia, Thalassa (daughters), Ouranus (possible grandfather), Gaea (possible grandmother),

Group Affiliation: Gods of Olympus

Base of Operations: Tartarus

First Appearance: Avengers: No Road Home #1

History: Nyx is a member of an extra-dimensional race of beings known as the Protogenoi, who were worshipped as gods by the people of Earth and may be the most ancient of the gods of Earth. Her daughter, Thalassa, was worshipped as the Sumerian mother-goddess Tiamat and was considered the ancestor of the later Sumerian Gods. If this account is true, the Protogenoi may be the most ancient gods of earth, possibly even over the Ogdoad, later known as the Gods of Egypt.

According to Greek and Roman myths, the Protogeneoi are the progeny of Chaos, who may be the abstract personification of nothingness which existed before creation, synonymous with Ginunnungap of Norse myth from which Ymir emerged. However, some descriptions refer to it as a location rather than a deity. In Pelasgian myth, the Protogenoi were the progeny of Ophion, the oldest of the Titans, and Eurynome, daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. Ophion was later overthrown by Cronus in his conquest over the other Titans to be ruler of Olympus, defeating the Protogenoi and becoming ruler of the gods of Greece.

According to ancient myths, Nyx and the Protogenoi were merely abstract beings like Chaos and could exist everywhere at once but were capable of taking physical forms for procreating. Nyx was taken as a wife by Erebus, and they sired numerous deities, such as Thanatos, the god of death, and Hypnos, the god of sleep. After Zeus overthrew Cronus for control of Olympus, many of the Protogenoi became gods in the Olympian pantheon, such as Nemesis, Thanatos and Hypnos, or were replaced by younger deities who usurped their roles and functions, like Cupid and Discord. Several of the Protogenoi, like Charon, Keres and Momus merely continued in the roles they had already possessed for millennia, sometimes to the ire of Zeus and Poseidon. According to some myths, Hemera was mother to Gaea, Ourea, Pontus and Tartarus, but this may be apocryphal.

At some point, Nyx was impersonated by Nox, a demonic entity who represented fear among humanity, who appeared to Ares, the Olympian god of war, and sired progeny by him named Deimos and Phobos, named after his sons by the goddess Aphrodite.

Eventually, Nyx grew frustrated with the younger gods of pantheons of Earth, directing much of her hostility toward Zeus and the Olympian gods. Predicting she would someday be a threat, Zeus fractured her soul into several portions hidden on Earth and bound her into another dimension where her animosity simmered for years. In modern years, a game between the cosmic beings Grandmaster and Challenger weakened Zeus's spells keeping Nyx from becoming a threat were weakened and she broke free of her prison. Joined by her children, Apate, Dolos, Hypnos and Oizys, Nyx attacked Olympus and caused devastation to it, slaying many of the Olympian gods.

Alerted to Nyx's threat by Challenger, one of the Elders of the Universe, the Avengers traveled to Olympus to confront her, but Nyx became interested in the Scarlet Witch and rendered her blind. She sent her children to battle the Avengers in her behalf, but she also realized to she could trick the Avengers into using the Scarlet Witch into locating the lost shards of her soul keeping her from wielding her full power. As the Avengers located them, she would then appear using the Scarlet Witch as her proxy and take the shards herself. However, Zeus's spells prohibited her from gaining her power back from them unless she had gathered all of them. She trailed the last shard to the site of Creation itself where the Vision found he could generate all the heroes of every era of Earth from his memory banks. Bombarding her with endless versions of Earth's heroes, he whittled away at her power until she started breaking apart from the strain, withering into dust as a result.

Height: Variable (usually around 7'0")
Weight: Variable (usually around 475 lbs)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Nyx possibly possessed Class 100 level strength, enabling her to lift (press) well over 100 tons under optimal conditions.

Known Superhuman Powers: Nyx possesses the conventional physical attributes of the Olympian gods. Like all Olympian Gods, she is immortal; she has aged at an extremely slow rate since reaching adulthood and cannot die by any conventional means. She is immune to all Earthly diseases and is resistant to conventional injury. If she were somehow wounded, her godly life force would enable her to recover with superhuman speed. It would take an injury of such magnitude that it dispersed a major portion of her bodily molecules to cause her a physical death. Even then, it might be possible for a god of significant power, such as Zeus, Poseidon or Apollo, or for a number of Olympian gods of equal power working together to revive her. She also possesses superhuman strength and her Olympian metabolism provides her with far greater than human endurance in all physical activities. (Olympian flesh and bone is about three times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to the superhuman strength and weight of the Olympian Gods.)

Nyx was also able to tap into and manipulate vast resources of cosmic energy on a level above any other Olympian god, possibly even over Zeus and gods like Odin and Ammon-Ra. She could produce and conjure vast amounts of dark matter, allowing her to mentally conjure shields to block light and solar energy, blasts of energy on the size of a nuclear bomb and tendrils to attack threats to herself. She could create artificial beings from nothingness, turn herself into a shadow and infect others with spells, allowing her to perceive the sensations and experiences of others. She could also teleport herself through warps in time and space. She also had vast telepathic and clairvoyant prowess, enabling her to communicate and convey messages with her own children. When she wielded vast amount of powers at one time, she tended to grow in size and stature.

Nyx was also a shape-changer and could distort and alter her appearance at will. She could turn her hands into claws strong enough to cleave through Hercules own skin and materialize huge wings on her back to allow her to fly. She was also superhuman speed, agility and acrobatic prowess, allowing her to dodge and evade numerous attackers at once.

Comments: This bio represents Nyx as she has appeared in Marvel Comics; she has appeared only briefly in DC Comics (Batwoman II #13).

Although Nyx/Nox previously appeared in Marvel Comics as a Dr. Strange villainess, writer Jim Zub established on his Twitter page that that being was always meant to be an imposter and that the Nyx that confronted the Avengers was meant to be the actual Greek/Roman goddess.

As deities, the Protogeneia represented both material and immaterial purposes: Aether (upper sky), Hemera (lower sky), Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep), Charon (passage), Ate (ruin), Moros (doom), Keres (fate), Momus (blame), Nemesis (revenge), Apate (deceit), Oizys (woe), Kronos (time), Philotes (friendship), Geres (age), Eris (strife), Ponos (toil), Lethe (forgetfulness), Limos (famine), Algea (sorrow), Usmine (combat), Mache (battle), Phoros (murder), Androctasia (manslaughter), Neicea (quarrel), Pseudea (lies), Amphillogea (dispute), Dysnomia (lawlessness), Horcos (oath), Ourea (mountains) and Thalassa (seas). Gaea (earth), Ouranus (sky), Pontus (ocean) and Tartarus (underworld) are sometimes included in this list as children of Aether and Hemera.

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