Augusto Sanabia Von Ellinger


Augusto Sanabia Von Ellinger was born on August 28th, 1987 in the town of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He received his first musical lessons from his sister, pianist Carmen Sanabia. He began his violin lessons in San Juan with professor Julian Acosta. He made such formidable progress that soon he began playing with his sister Carmen and Jesus in concerts.

On August 18th, 1913, he enrolled at the Real Conservatorio de Musica y Declamacion in Madrid, Spain. Before leaving San Juan, Augusto gave a concert at the University of Puerto Rico's theater. Some of the works included in the concert were by Boccherini, and a trio for flute, violin and piano.

Augusto Sanabia graduated from the Conversatory of Music in Madrid in 1916. Shortly after the death of his mother drove him back to San Juan where he joined the US Army as a volunteer. Here he obtained the rank of second lieutenant.

He was a teacher at the Free School of Music in San Juan, and a member of the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra and the Arturo Somohano Orchestra.

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