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1984 Tracy Annette Mahoney-Schraiber
1966 - 2009

I remember spending many weekends with the Mahoney clan--whose home was open to all friends of the family. - Gwenn Wyncoop McDonald

(From her obit)
Tracy enriched other breast cancer survivors by her heroic efforts in the fight against the disease and was a promoter of peace. She created stunning bracelets for all women she loved and met. An advocate for the underdog. Brave, humorous, witty, compassionate, fun. Loved shopping, a computer wiz, brainey. An inspiration to all she touched in life. Loved her family beyond all things. "It is far better to give than to receive" Tracy's quote. In lieu of flowers, donations are directed to Holy Cross Hospital Cancer Institute - D r. Sanani. Visit - type in Tracy Mahoney-Schraiber.