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Welcome to Middle Tennessee TOPSoccer Home Page

Hello from all of us at Middle Tennessee TOPSoccer!!

Here is some information about us!

TOPSoccer of Tennessee

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at the bottom of the page and also our phone numbers are there.

What is TOPSoccer?
TOPSoccer, The Outreach Program, is a community based training program for young athletes with special needs. Basically, it's soccer playing/training opportunities for young athletes with special needs.

Who is eligible?
Any boy or girl, age 4 and up, who has a physical or mental disability. At this current time we are trying to get more younger adults with special needs involved with this program. We have enough help to seperate the groups of ages.

Where is this existing program?
We are in Franklin, Tennessee and me meet on Saturday's the dates are at different times; please check out our schedule for dates and times. They are always under cover. We meet at the Robert Ring Soccer Indoor Arena on Downs Boulevard in Franklin, TN.

What if I live outside those areas?
We are looking to put the special needs community in touch with our existing members to help grow TOPSoccer in our state. So, please contact Jennifer Teague at 615-456-5700 if you are interested in TOPSoccer in your area

What does it cost?
The cost is absolutely FREE!
Costs are free uniforms, a ball, and free insurance while playing TOPSoccer during our time of play.

What kind of commitment is required?
A typical season runs from August through April - around the school calendars. Each session is about .5 - 2 hours of fun filled soccer related games and activities.

Is it safe?
Yes. With volunteers and "soccer buddies" there are sometimes a 1:1 ratio of players to non-players.

Is it fun?
The potential for the program to have a fulfilling impact on the lives of disabled and non-disabled children and adults is immeasurable, but proven every time our existing TOPSoccer programs meet. Children who have never before been included in sports in a compassionate, non-judgmental way find out that they have skills they have never dreamed of. The learn values such as teamwork, sharing, friendship, and problem solving all with renewed confidence.

How to contact us.
So, please contact:
Jennifer Teague (secretary) at: 615-456-5700 (best way to reach me is by cell)
Steve Thompson (president) 615-500-7931 (cell)


A lot of us parents that have disabled kids whatever the disability or severity are all friends and can relate to each other at each soccer meet. We talk everytime we meet about the challenges and disablities that we face. Here is a song that has probably gotten us all through a tough spot at least once in our lives.
It is by Joe Nichols and it is the song....... "The Impossible"

Here is the chorus to it. Now you will understand why I love it so much.....Jennifer Teague

"The Impossible"

unsinkable ships,
unbreakable walls,
sometimes the things you think would never happen,
happen just like that;
unbendable steel,
if the fury of the wind,
is unstoppable;
i've learned to never underestimate,
the impossible.

I have now learned that NOTHING is impossible.


Our Schedule

Participant Registration

If you need an application: please call or email and we will get one out to you immediately!