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In the Case of
James Edmond McWilliams, Jr.,

This site contains the plight of James Edmond McWilliams, Jr., an Alabama Death Row prisoner, who is in his 20th years of incarceration (1985-2006) and is housed at Holman Prison in Atmore. McWilliams' case is now pending before the United States Federal District Court, and is Hearing the end of the appeals process. If McWilliams is unsuccessful in these appeals, he will be executed!

On the night of December 30, 1984, between the hours of 09:45 p.m. and 10:15 p.m., one man (or more) entered Austin's Foodstore located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama- Once inside, Ms. Patricia Reynolds the cashier was robbed, raped and shot five (5) times.

Less than forty-eight (48) hours after Ms. Reynolds was discovered, McWilliams was arrested in the state of Ohio, on unrelated charges. McWilliams was subsequently charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to death for the robbery, rape and murder of Ms. Reynolds.


[Note: The format of this site stage of is meant to allow easy access to each of the Trial Evidence.  As well as subsequently discovered new evidence.  None of the following sections are positioned  based on their evidentiary importance.]


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